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Increase Mobility and Alleviate Pain with Prescription Orthotics

The podiatry office of Cary Collis offers custom-made/prescription orthotics to relieve foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and back pain. Orthotics are made from an image or cast of your feet and are worn inside your everyday shoes. Your body's alignment can be accommodated with orthotics, relieving pressure and pain in your feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips and back.

An Effective Treatment for Common Foot Problems

More than simply arch supports, custom orthotics can treat bunions, neuroma, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), fallen arches, hammer toes and lessen the effects of Achilles tendonitis pain. Cary Collis offers a variety of orthotics, including:

  • Controlling Orthotics
  • Accommodating Orthotics

Orthotics can be a step in the right direction if you have lower body pain. Contact us for more information.

custom orthotic inserts

Enjoy Walking Again!

We relieve foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and back pain.

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